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Jun 4, 2017

Leslie + Emmanuel Jr Married

Leslie and Emmanuel Jr tied the knot at Houmas House in Darrow, LA on June 4th, 2017.  
Hair & Makeup - Kylie, Professional wedding and makeup artist snd Instructor at Vanguard Beauty College, Baton Rouge 
Cake: Ambrosia Bakery, Baton Rouge 
Wedding coordinator: Dolores Smith with setup help from Tara Richey, Laura Harbert, Sharon Lee & Joe Smith 
Wedding Planner: Janine @ Houmas House 
Ceremony & Reception music: JaM Productions BR, LLC., Patrick Fuge 
Wedding Dress Designer: Lanting Bride, online 
Honeymoon Destination: Houmas House Inn & Djotes and Margaritaville Beach Hotel, Pensacola, FL 
Where couple will reside: Denham Springs, La 
Couple's occupations: 
-Leslie - Sales & Account Manager, East Baton Rouge & Livingston, Waste Connections & Owner/Artist: Painting Partners ' "Giving back..." 
-Emmanuel Jr - Field Supervisor, OMI Industrial Services  
"Jr & I met online in the summer of 2016 and are one of the few, live, success stories of online dating. We are not "paid" actors. Lol. Older.wiser, and more settled. we met through a real dating site and and were Blessed to be a truly perfect match.  
After a difficult year for me in 2016 (Leslie) and after Junior's previous marriage ended in terrible heartbreak in and left him alone with a younger son, Junior and I were unsure about dating and finding a soulmate. You know, the one with whom we could truly be ourselves with, good and bad, and make a Covenant before God with, live, love and be a family...unconditionally and forever. We both wanted that one person who would love us know matter what, never leave us, and we were looking for the person we could grow old with...a family. 
Heartbroken, confused. and betrayed, I started to pray in 2015 for forgiveness, guidance, and enlightenment to change my life for the better. I also prayed for the man of my dreams and our own "palace." 
After many tears, a bad car wreck, self evaluation, repentance, and attempts at positive life changes, in the summer of 2016, I prayed, in earnest, to God and through our savior, Jesus, for the right companion, best friend, partner, and husband who I could love and cherish and who would love me back and accept me just the way I am and visa versa.  
And I prayed whole-heartedly to Jesus to please, please, let me know when I found him and to guide me...that was when I met Emmanuel online and he was just what I was looking for. A dream come true. More than I ever hoped for or expected. I knew immediately he was the one. 
You see, Emmanuel means "God with us".... 
The power of that statement and writing and re-living our story reminds me and should show us all, the Power of God... and what a Loving, Giving. & Forgiving Father He is who loves all of his children very much. 
As for me and Emmanuel... we talked, met, dated, discovered we were both looking for a family, and within a year were married....and they lived (as was the theme for our wedding and life) happily ever after.... for the palace, we have recently been blessed with the opportunity to lease/purchase, and rebuild our 6000 sq ft dream home which is a beautiful flood-home flooded in 2016. Our plan with this home is to build a legacy to pass on and do good after we are gone, to use our shop to create beautiful pieces to sell and to salvage, and to restore pieces people throw out to resell all of which will have a portion of the sales donated to families and animals in need. We want to show how you can change your life and salvage life through God, by honoring God through His work.  
Never doubt the Power of God. With God true Love prevails." 
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