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Turnaround Time

Our typical turnaround time is 6+ weeks for a session and 8+ weeks for a wedding.  
So why so long? It's somewhat of a snowball effect. It takes approximately 1.5 weeks, or about 8 business days to complete a wedding edit. If we have a Friday and Saturday wedding in the same weekend, and we start editing the Friday wedding on the Monday, that Friday wedding will take 1.5 weeks to edit. Then we can start editing our Saturday wedding, so that wedding wouldn't be done until 3 weeks after the wedding. The next weekends Friday wedding won't be done until 3.5 weeks later, and that Saturdays wedding won't be done until 5 weeks later. And the snowball keeps going. If we have Friday and Saturday weddings for a third weekend in a row, we will finish the Friday wedding 5.5 weeks later, and the Saturday wedding 7 weeks later. If we have a Friday and Saturday wedding for the fourth weekend in a row, we will finish the Friday wedding 7.5 weeks later and the Saturday wedding 9 weeks later. Since we have 1-2 weddings pretty much every weekend, we typically stay right at about the 8 week turnaround time for weddings. 
There are many factors that affect our turnaround time such as: 
•how many weddings we have in a month 
•how many sessions such as bridal and engagements that we are also editing in between the weddings 
•more difficult edits such as ceremonies or receptions in very dark or unevenly lit venues, face shine &/or blemishes 
•the number of photographs, which can vary depending on the length of coverage and number of photographers 
•I do about 5 hours of enhanced edits at the end of each wedding edit. If it's a time of year that I am on location shooting almost every day, it will take longer to get to finishing those edits. 
•employee time off such as sick leave or holidays 
We are all working as quickly as possible. We know that it's a long wait, so we do everything we can to keep your wait within this time-frame, often working late hours and weekends if necessary. Please be patient with us! I promise that the wait is worth it! 
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