Apr 20, 2012

Sarah + Aaron's Wedding

Sarah and Aaron tied the knot on 04/20/2012 at Ridgecrest of the Myrtles The couple chose to see each other prior to the ceremony. They did the first look in front of the Myrtles Plantation which I think made for some really gorgeous photos. 
Flowers: Designs by Milissa 
Cake: wedding cake- Debby Osterberger grooms cake- Cakes of Grace 
Ceremony Music: Questionable @ Best unplugged 
Reception Music: Questionable @ Best  
Wedding Dress: Dolly Couture 
Honeymoon Destination: Mal Pais, Costa Rica 
Where they will reside: Sunnyside, Queens 
Their occupations: Sarah is a singer/server and Aaron is a zookeeper at the Queens Zoo 
Check out what Sarah had to say at the end of the blog! 
Aaron and Sarah met at Southeastern Louisiana University where they both attended the music program nearly a decade ago. They moved to NYC together several years later to pursue their dream occupations. Christmas Eve 2010 Aaron proposed to Sarah on the levee in New Orleans- a place near home that's very special to both of them.
Wedding Rings in flowers
Green and brown wedding invitation + Photos on wedding bouquet
Vintage style tea length wedding dress + bride's jewelry
Wedding hanky
zipping up bride's gown
Bride and groom first look
Groom laughing
First look bride and groom
bride and groom
Outdoor bride and groom first look
bride and groom details
Vintage style wedding
sweet bride and groom
happy groom
groom kissing bide
redheaded bride with vintage style gown
outside vintage bride and groom
outside bride and groom portrait
Bride sitting on grooms lap
Bride sitting on the grooms lap
Bride sitting on the grooms lap kissing
Groom holding bouquet + blue bridal shoes
Sweet outdoor bride and groom portraits
Bride and groom posed by fence
Groom kissing brides shoulder
Bride and groom sitting by white picket fence
Bride and groom kissing by a white picket fence
Vibrant Bride and groom portrait
Bride and groom holding hands outside
Close up wedding portrait
fisheye bride and groom portrait
Outdoor wedding party portrait
bride and groom kissing in front of wedding party
Funny bride and groom photo
Wedding cake with dinosaur cake top
Van groom's cake
Bride walking down the aisle
Father giving away the bride
Intimate outdoor wedding ceremony
Candid shot of guests during wedding ceremony
Louisiana wedding
Bride and groom exchanging rings
Bride giving groom ring
black and white wedding ceremony photo
Bride and groom holding hands
First kiss
Bride and groom hugging
wedding reception details
Bride and grooms first dance
first dance
artistic first dance wedding photo
Wedding reception underneath oak tree
black and white photo of first dance
Bray Danielle Photography photographed my two older sisters as well as my step sister in their Baton Rouge weddings. So when Aaron and I decided to get married in St. Francisville, LA, we had an obvious choice for wedding photographer. My siblings have beautiful pictures and nothing but good to say about Danielle and her staff. We were thrilled with our pictures as well and overwhelmed with the feedback on how amazing our wedding photos are.  
We chose to do a first look, which means we saw each other before the wedding to give ourselves a little more time for pictures and a lot more time for partying at the reception with our guests that came from near and far to see us on our big day. We owed it to them to have a good time! I will say, I wasn't sold on the idea of a first look the first time I heard about it- nearly 8 years ago when my sister Ginger got married. She and her husband chose to do a first look and it really freed up time for them and made them more relaxed overall. And they swore the walking-down-the-aisle thing was still very special, just as our young girl minds imagined. It was absolutely the best choice for us. We had stunning pictures because we were relaxed and not stressed or short on time. Danielle and Gabby set up our first look in front of The Myrtles Plantation- I walked toward Aaron as he turned around. We were both beaming and you can see it in those first few pictures. Aaron kept saying his face hurt from smiling so much. They made that environment so comfortable and memorable for us. And my walk down the aisle to The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun" wasn't any less special because we took those pictures before. We still got emotional, we still had a gorgeous ceremony. I would recommend the first look for all brides- I'm so glad my sister chose to do this so many years ago! 
There is no way we could pick one picture that is our favorite from our wedding. Aaron loves the pictures from our first look. They conjure very special feelings for him. I adore a black and white shot of us holding hands and giggling during the ceremony when I accidentally put the ring on his right hand. We both adore two pictures that we have in our home- one of him kissing my head in front of an old fence on The Myrtles property with some spectacular lighting and one artsy shot of just our legs, showcasing my tea-length gown, my vintage blue shoes, his grey tux and my bouquet. 
When Aaron and I relive the night of our wedding, we look back at our pictures. We see people from all aspects of our life- work, college, high school, family- hanging out, dancing, listening to the band. Those candid shots are so exciting to us. We notice, "Hey look, my mom is dancing with Tim!" or "I can't believe how many people stayed for the second line!" Even though some of them live 1500 miles apart, we brought all the people of our life together for one beautiful night. And the pictures capture that.  
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