Apr 23, 2016

Lauralee + Matthew Married

Lauralee & Matthew tied the knot at St John's Cathedral with reception at the Remington Suite and Spa Hotel in Shreveport, LA.  
Coordinator: Stephanie Coker, Wildlove Events  
Wedding Dress: Jasmine  
Hair: Edward Gray, Alexander & Co. 
Makeup: Couture Cosmetics 
Flowers: Kim Patton; Diane Feducia  
Cake: Jeanne Hine, Sweetie Cakes 
Videographer: BrideFilm 
Reception Music: The Crystal Clear Band 
Honeymoon Destination: Costa Rica 
Where couple will reside: Shreveport, Louisiana 
Couple's occupations: Human Resources 
"How you two met, how he proposed, or any other little story you'd like to share about your relationship: My parents, best friend, cousin, brother, sister in law, and Matt all traveled to Destin the weekend of June 18-21st for a fun family vacation. That Friday night, Matt told me we were going to meet his aunt and uncle (who have a house in Destin and were in town) for drinks before meeting everyone else for dinner.  
On the way, Matt pulled off onto the side of the road. I, of course, was like "What are you doing? We're going to be late!" and he told me there was a really pretty private beach he wanted to show me real quick. So we got out and walked down to this really secluded beach with the classic Destin white sand and sand dunes everywhere. It was gorgeous. We talked for a moment, putting our toes in the water and talking about how much we loved each other and how we couldn't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. With that, Matt dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring box and opened it to reveal the MOST BEAUTIFUL ring I've ever seen in my life. We were both overcome with the emotion of the moment and started crying. I said "Yes of course!" and he got up and put the ring on my finger. We hugged, cried and kissed a moment and then he said to me "Well it's not over." Matt then led me over to another spot on the beach where there was a blanket laid out and a picnic basket and wine bag were waiting for us. He told me we would be having dinner there on the beach with the sunset. 
The picnic basket was special because it was one we had both picked out together at an antique mall in Nashville. Matt opened it up to reveal sushi (my favorite food!) and appetizers and dessert.  
In Murfreesboro, we had taken a class to make and bottle our own wine. Well, he had a bottle of that for us to share too. It was so romantic - sitting on the beach, facing the sunset, eating my favorite food, drinking our wine, with the man of my dreams who had just asked me to be his forever. He truly thought of everything, and it was the most perfect proposal I could have imagined.  
After we finished up, Matt told me we would be meeting my family for dinner and that they of course had known for a while that this was happening :) We got to the restaurant, where there was a long table out on a pier overlooking the water, and I saw my family first and we all exchanged hugs and our joy. But then, I looked further down the table, and Matt's family was there too!!! It was such a great surprise for everyone to be together like that!  
I feel so grateful to all those people that made that weekend so special for us and helped Matt out with everything!! It was truly perfect!" 
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