Feb 20, 2016

Emily + Brian Married

Emily & Brian tied the knot at St Joseph's Church with their reception at The Chicory in New Orleans, LA.  
Hair: Heather Mahoney, H20 
Makeup: Katie Malone 
Flowers: Meade Wenzel 
Cake: Cocoa Bean 
Reception Music: BRW 
Honeymoon Destination: Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands 
Couple's occupations: Emily: Consultant, Brian: Attorney 
"We met through mutual friends - his best friend was dating my best friend/roommate. After 5 years of dating, 2 of which were long distance, he finally popped the question when we were on vacation at his family's vacation home in Marietta, SC. Brian had just finished taking the bar, and we had planned to leave for the vacation the following day. It was winter, and it was supposed to be freezing in SC, so I was very hesitant to go on the trip. However, as Brian had been planning to propose there, he was very insistent that we go, so I reluctantly agreed. We ended up having a great time and were able to go on a couple hikes with our dogs (aka our children). One night he cooked me a nice dinner, got down on one knee, and proposed. I have no idea when he had time to buy a ring between finals and the bar, but he managed to completely surprise me." Emily Perino
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